Freedom Call - _Eternity_
(Steamhammer / SPV, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (4 out of 10)
How can you avoid the comparisons to Helloween where Freedom Call is concerned? Even Alvin couldn't help himself in CoC #53 for Freedom Call's sophomore effort, _Crystal Empire_. This is an unfair reference in my opinion; it is kind of like calling Kingdom Come Led Zeppelin prodigies. Typical and tame mixed with ultimately decompressing, trite rock riffs passing themselves off as metal foul this effort in more ways that relieve oneself in a public water fountain. With the possible exception of the moderately exceptional vocals on "Ages of Power", this effort seems to stumble over itself both in musical direction and style. Freedom Call has a longing to have a ballad-type of sound, but that desire rubs up against a poor man's Edguy; unsettling and conflicted. "Bleeding Heart", nearly half way through this CD, is still far too dainty in form, but combines a choppy riff throughout that, as a consistent practice, would be very well received as a listener. It adds a great deal to the song when the music captures and grabs you as "Bleeding Heart" accomplishes in some places during its nearly five minute stretch on Freedom Call's third installment. I cannot help but think that there is a sense of smooth sailing on seas of placidly overt tedium on this disc; _Eternity_, with an oasis dropped here and there, seems to last just a shade less than forever.

(article published 26/3/2003)

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