Engorged - _Engorged_
(Necropolis / Deathvomit, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
Sometimes I think I make things too damn hard on myself, like finding just the right movie to watch, or the perfect restaurant to eat at, or the ideal time to review albums. Engorged doesn't seem to have these worries and what's more, they've even lightened my load by putting forth such a straightforward effort like this one. Slick and infectiously captivating riffs litter this self-titled effort like so much human filth at a Gwar concert. Graphically comic book-like, Engorged uses confusion like a thief's lock pick. A frantic pace drums forth from the onset after the warm-up cut, "March of the Engorged". Obviously tipping their cranium caps to S.O.D. with that intro ("March of the S.O.D."), Engorged parts ways there with hum-drum comparisons, instead choosing a more convoluted path. Some might hear Rigor Mortis or elements of Vio-lence, but while Engorged cuts down this vein of metal, their incision is far less meticulous and a whole lot messier. Hooah! Guitar strong, sometimes accentuated by shrieking solos, and rhythmically powerful bass and percussion intense, this five piece outfit engages in gore-saturated horror imagery by virtue of sampling in choice places. The homage to Carcass is respectfully noted, but not abused. Ryan Engorged's vocals with all the assistance of Noah, also on guitar, and Kevin, doing double duty on bass, too, meticulously deconstructs noncompliant attention spans with all the subtlety of a wrecking ball. Some back-to-the-basics Deathvomit metal is what I needed, I guess, in my increasingly complicated life. As one of the samples warns, if this one doesn't scare you -- you are already dead. Already confirmed at the 2002 Milwaukee Metalfest, if things work out, I'll be there to witness all the live atrocity Engorged can deliver.

Contact: http://www.engorged.net

(article published 31/3/2003)

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