Gomorrah - _Reflections Of Inanimate Matter_
(Black Mark, 1995)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Britain's Gomorrah have been hard at work promoting their hard aggressive music. Touring with bands like Cancer, Naked Truth, and Decomposed, as well as recording two strong demos, has hardened the band and made them worthy contenders of being one of the many young bands in metal to watch out for. In-your-face, and extremely blunt and to the point, the blasting riffs and accompanying vocals of their debut album, _Reflections Of Inanimate Objects_, are great. Listening to numbers like "Sewer-Cide", "Another Bleak Horizon", and starter "Without Trace" at high volume, many will appreciate the effort that went into the making of this record. Crisp, clear production, and an assortment of heavy numbers provide the album with a flow that doesn't fade out until "Human Trophies" comes to an end. Plus with the backing of Black Mark Productions, the future of this young and eager band (both musically and business-oriented) seems to be going uphill rather than staying at a standstill.

(article published 1/10/1995)

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