Scalplock - _Spread the Germs... Over the Human Worms_
(Cacophonous, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (6.5 out of 10)
Perhaps known to some from tours with Napalm Death and Impaled Nazarene, it's not difficult to place Scalplock in the musical spectrum. The result of mixing black and death metal with the crusty Impaled Nazarene attitude can be heard on _StGOtHW_, which is the band's third full-length album already. In thirty tracks the band showcases its love for short aggressive songs, with the occasional sludgier song blended in ("Ever Eluding Promise", "Hyperbole"). It is through these songs that the album has at least an above-average appeal: the sludgy feeling contrasts nicely with the heads-on assault that is performed on most of the songs. The downside of _StGOtHW_ is the mediocre production, which makes the band sound like 'just another hardcore band', and the lack of songs that stand out on the album, which further validates my previous statement. All in all, Scalplock is a promising band that hasn't been able to make a solid statement yet. If they do in the future, then I'll be more than willing to give them a new chance.

(article published 26/3/2003)

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