Labrat - _Ruining It For Everyone_
(Visible Noise, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (8.5 out of 10)
Everyone who has been following the English scene must have come across Labrat one way or another -- they have appeared on the radio with Napalm Death and Iron Monkey, and toured with Skinlab, Raging Speedhorn, Earthtone9, Crowbar and Cathedral -- and you might even have heard some of their early stuff. Right on, because if you did, you've probably been unable to forget them. Labrat can positively be regarded as Raging Speedhorn's little brother: the same heads-on approach, the same 'fuck you' attitude. But where Raging Speedhorn are maturely solid, Labrat have the not-quite-grown-up attitude that makes _Ruining It For Everyone_ a thrilling and exciting ride. Making fun of the metal scene itself through controversial one-liners ("Heavy Metal Is Gay") as well as utterly crazy songtitles ("Father Son and Holy Goat", "Two Pigs Fucking"), they rampage through their ten song album like a bunch of psychotic rhinos on speed, indulging the listener in whirring riffs and a harsh dual vocal attack. Especially worth noting for movie fanatics is "Hilary's Song", in which a monologue from the cult movie "Fun" plays in the background. The usage of such original material is quite a relief compared to the obligatory horror movie samples most bands use nowadays. Labrat might not be as cruel as Watchmaker or as catchy as Raging Speedhorn, but _RIFE_ is a must-buy for those looking to extend their grind/noisecore collection.

(article published 31/3/2003)

7/13/2003 J Smit Mastodon / Labrat Marching on to Greatness
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