The Black Dahlia Murder - _A Cold Blooded Epitaph_
(Lovelost Records, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (9 out of 10)
After hearing so many Gothenburg thrash/death bands, I mistakenly thought I had grown tired of them. The Black Dahlia Murder has proven me dead wrong. Hailing not from the cold plains of Sweden, but rather from automobile-infested Detroit, Michigan, these five guys have managed to awaken my kindred soul and get my head banging to the insane pumping drive of the four songs featured on this mini-album. Taking up the bits and pieces left by Dissection and At the Gates, they manage to give them a tight-as-fuck millennial sound. Even though it might not be highly original, these guys do know how to write good songs and how to maintain a steady, natural flow throughout. The occasional twin vocal approach does wonders too, and it's good to see a band that doesn't fuck up a Rolling Stones cover by trying too hard. _A Cold Blooded Epitaph_ is killer material for those who are still mourning the loss of Sweden's greatest bands, and an excellent introduction to the Gothenburg sound for those who were too young to experience it when it happened in the mid/late-'90s.

(article published 16/3/2003)

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