Corporation 187 - _Perfection in Pain_
(Wicked World, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (7.5 out of 10)
With the thrash revival at full speed -- mostly thanks to a handful of modern Swedish bands (The Haunted, Darkane) -- thrash itself is getting stripped and analysed, deconstructed then reconstructed, modernized to appeal to the youngsters with shorter attention spans, and brutalized to be just a little more extreme than what people might expect. Slayer did it with their killer last album, The Haunted have proven they master the skills almost better than their masters, and Darkane has managed to create a whole new thrash league. More marginally, bands like Dew-Scented and Carnal Forge are bringing successful albums to the market as well. Another name that should not go unmentioned is Corporation 187, who debuted more than two years ago on Earache's Wicked World sub-label. _Perfection in Pain_ is their second offering, consisting of little more than half an hour of pure aggression. Reminiscent mostly of Carnal Forge in both vocal style and song structures, _PiP_ will undoubtedly appeal to anyone with an interest in the thrash scene. However, the quality level of Carnal Forge is not quite reached yet: _PiP_ sounds like it was cloned from the blueprint of CF's _Firedemon_ album. Nevertheless, in all its straightforwardness, aggression and honesty, _PiP_ is an album that'll cheer up the hearts of many a good soul during the drizzly Autumn.

[Adam Lineker: "The second album from the Corporation joins the fray at a time when the influences of thrash are more alive than ever. Bookended by Darkane's _Expanding Senses_ and The Haunted's _One Kill Wonder_, this second release is well timed enough to have put Corporation 187 on the spot quite nicely. Thankfully, _Perfection in Pain_ is a strong enough record to sit alongside the records which have recently surrounded it. The music on _PiP_ translates well and sounds fittingly modern enough to sound relevant. Most of all, this record is enjoyable and involving, with some powerful songs and effective musicianship. However, although enjoyable and well performed, _Perfection in Pain_ lacks that certain x-factor to lift into a higher level that it almost reaches. As it stands, we are given a strong record that is worthy of attention; after all, we must remember that not all bands can be The Haunted..."]

(article published 16/3/2003)

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