Therion - _Theli_
(Nuclear Blast, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (10 out of 10)
Few albums have left me speechless and in awe. Therion's sixth album and latest effort, _Theli_, is one of them. First, before I go into my review of the Therion LP, let me recap what CoC editor-in-chief Gino Filicetti had to say about the band's previous effort, 1995's critically acclaimed, _Lepaca Kliffoth_: "... this album is so gigantic, so enormous, so majestic, so incredible, it :really: is beyond words..." I couldn't have said anything more on the money than that for _Theli_ as well. A powerful masterpiece of delicateness, symphonic sounds, and sheer genius. Guided by composer and guitarist Christofer Johnsson, Therion's sound is something to take note of with his visions of melding metal and orchestral symphonies. The way the material on _Theli_ is written, with its strong emphasis on uniqueness, we the listener are able to see the patterns of creativity flow from _Theli_, as they unfold. We are there, feeling and moving with each orchestral pattern or melodic section. Aided by several choirs on _Theli_ (The North German Radio Choir, The Siren Choir, and The Bambek Symphonic Orchestra), this has allowed Johnsson to create what he has always planned to do with Therion; a record that was set by no boundaries and in return do something that has yet to be attempted. The album, sometimes leaves the listener in a form of orchestral ecstasy. The album (10 tracks) is littered with enormous epic songs, showcasing emotions, complexity and intelligence. Be thoroughly impressed with such numbers as "Invocation of Naamah", the ultra-cool "To Mega Therions", "Interludium", "The Siren of the Woods", and the phenomenal "Cult of the Shadows." Buy, order, steal, beg or do whatever you can to get your hands on this record as it truly stacks up to be one of a kind. Amazing.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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