Samael - _Passage_
(Century Media, 1996)
by: Gino Filicetti (9 out of 10)
Back and ready to blow your mind away is the newest offering from Samael. It's hard to imagine that this is Samael's fourth full-length when you take a look at the age of its members, the average being 23 years old. Despite this fact however, Samael have grown immensely and produced an album that is both powerful and mature. _Passage_ begins with a typical Samael guitar riff and is then enhanced by a cacophonous keyboard sound. Former drummer Xytras has left from behind his drum kit since their last album, _Ceremony of Opposites_, and is now Samael's full time keyboardist and drum programmer. Yes, you heard me correctly, a drum machine IS used on this album. Personally, I would have preferred a live drum sound, but in this case, the drum machine just adds to the atmosphere created by the extensive use of keyboards and samples. This album is home to many mind-blowing songs such as the catchy lead track, "Rain", the powerful "My Savior", the experimental "Jupiterian Vibe" and the amazing "Liquid Soul Dimension". Samael's musical departure from black metal has been just about completed with this album, but lyrically, the theme of true satanism, the worship of the self, is still intact. Check this one out folks. An amazing band amazes us again.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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