Marduk - _Glorification_
(Osmose Productions, 1996)
by: Henry Akeley (8 out of 10)
This new five-track EP contains four very cool cover songs, plus a solid remix of one of the best tracks from their latest full-length release. (See my review of that further up the page.) Each of the cover songs is a true blast from the blackened past - yep: the 80s - and together they prove that Marduk can sound awfully wicked, even doing material which is (somewhat) less extreme than their own. The early Destruction track, "Total Disaster", is a killer choice for this band to cover: its super-catchy old school riffs just sound wicked with Marduk's demon rhythm section lashing them along. The two old Piledriver tracks are cool, too, since they show that these grim-faced black metal warriors actually do have a sense of humor! (Anyway, hearing them crank through "Sex with Satan" suggests that much to me.) And I like the Bathory cover, too ("The Return of Darkness and Evil"), even if it doesn't quite measure up to the creepiness of the original. So even though this EP is a bit mild compared to _Heaven Shall Burn..._, it's still some pretty crazy stuff. Totally recommended to fans of the band, and suggested to anyone seeking a short sample of seriously blackened, wild sound.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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