Tzefa - _Feed Me_
(Independent, 2002)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
_Feed Me_ is quite an interesting four-song release from New York act Tzefa, a unique sounding rock/metal drive that plays up and showcases the cool duo vocals of singers Slava Popava and Oleg Korenfeld. I like the sound that stems from when Slava delivers an almost operatic tone while Oleg comes through with a very snarly rock tone. Check out opener "Time Bomb" and "Season of the Rain". While some might find the vocals a tad weak and rough at times, the cool trading back and forth of vocals between the two brings about a cool aura to the music, adding an almost hypnotic vibe as the music rolls onward. Musically, the band plays kind of a thrashy metal mixed with a whole slew of other influences. In other words, it sounds like nothing you've heard -- and that is a good thing. While the band could use a better production, the music itself is strong and worthy of repeated listens. The band is shopping their music now to labels and I'm pretty sure someone will bite.


(article published 1/9/2002)

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