Ram-Zet - _Escape_
(Spikefarm / XIII Bis, 2002)
by: David Rocher (9 out of 10)
Ram-Zet's 2000 debut, _Pure Therapy_, was an excellent, distinctly unnerving venture into landscapes of unparalleled musical strangeness, the unlikely osmosis of syncopated power-thrash geniuses Meshuggah with orchestral masterminds Therion. Putting Ram-Zet's music in words is as close to impossible as it gets, yet in a nutshell, the anno 2002 sequel _Escape_ very much recaptures and expands the enormous sound, skullcrushing low-case rhythmical powerhouse-style songwriting and psychotic harshness which pervaded Ram-Zet's debut; moreover, with the adjunction of three new members, including full-time female lead vocalist and keyboard player, band mastermind Zet has further developed his unique songwriting style, attaining greater depth in the field of arrangements and song structures. Hence, as the insane cover art suggests, the conceptual design of _Escape_ moves with impressive ease through the meanders of a tortured soul, the expression of which is this gathering of 8 shape-shifting, aggressive, tormented, symphonic and immensely powerful tracks. Boasting a huge, perfectly balanced and adequately aggressive production courtesy of Finnvox's Miko Karmilla, _Escape_ is a demanding release, which strays far into uncharted territories diametrically opposed to braindead party music of the likes of Pantera or HammerFall; however, much as Ram-Zet's material is truly unfathomable at a first listen, it is also vastly rewarding -- in this regard, a trip to www.ram-zet.com provides a highly recommended opportunity to encounter one of the more captivating, intriguing and excellent extreme metal bands out there.

(article published 1/9/2002)

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