Godless Truth - _Self-Realisation_
(Shindy, 2001)
by: Adam Lineker (9 out of 10)
This offering from Godless Truth starts ominously, being both dark and brutal. The guitar sound is solid and heavy and makes a substantial impact. Snare rimshots rattle away and shape into a rhythm as we recognise the subtle accents. All the time we have a steady, gut-shot crunch of guitars over hammering kick drums. The second track comes out of nowhere and rips into a complex riff. It quickly stands out that the Godless Truth guys play with weird time signatures but keep the reigns taut in a dark and splurging sound that hits you hard. The drums have attacking prominence and though the snare sound is bright and metallic, it segues well into the mix rather than becoming irritating. The vocals are rather different to the usual metal roaring; with a combination of wet throaty rasps and a low range, it is hard to tell if this is always totally natural. Godless Truth create a dark and unpleasant sound. It is nasty and brooding and cold but totally engrossing, despite the initial impregnability of the songs. This density emphasises the more prominent melodic passages when they briefly arise. The bones of this work are made of heavily progressive and haunting metal, with epic scope and a sick touch. Lyrically this is deeply sick and unpleasant, with violent and perverse imagery. It works very well indeed. Godless Truth offer up something different and fresh with their brand of disturbing metal and it feels like a blast of fresh air after listening to so much that is entirely generic. _Self-Realisation_ explores many musical patterns and riff progressions, even though it manages to sustain a black mood. We get solos, blast beats, hyper kick-drumming, snarling bass lines and vocals to haunt the dreams of most other death vocalists. We get shredding riffs, churning hammer-blows, tutti runs and violent licks and yet it all feels so controlled and measured as if the floodgates are never truly opened. This adds to the anticipation and keeps the interest. This band possesses some extreme power. It is impossible to pick a stand-out track because the quality is maintained throughout. Not once did I want to reach for the stop button. It is not always accessible, I can't whistle back much of this, but I know that I have enjoyed every little figure and blast. Listen to this. Now.

(article published 1/9/2002)

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