Dawn - _Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh_
(Necropolis, 1996)
by: Drew Snow (8 out of 10)
Back with an altered lineup and a slightly different sound, Swedish black metallers Dawn's new MCD follows their extremely impressive (and still played multiple times per week by yours truly) debut, _Naer Solen Gar Niber for Evogher_. Although not quite matching up to the awesome first album, _Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh_ (which translates to "sorrow flies on black wings") is still a solid effort. So what are the changes, you ask? First, rhythm guitarist Andreas is out, and is now replaced by Herr A. Fullmestad. Second, this release is much blacker sounding than _NSGNFE_, and is not as overtly melodic. The production has changed also, the lead guitar is now nowhere near as high in the mix, and bass is inaudible. Now to the songs. This MCD consists of four tracks, unfortunately only two of which can be considered "real" and original songs. It starts off with "Vya Kal", a quiet minute and a half intro which leads right into the second track, "Sorrow Flew on Black Wings". To get an idea of what this song sounds like, just think of any song off Marduk's latest album, _Heaven Shall Burn When we are Gathered_, played with a little more melody and variation. The next track, "Soil of Dead Earth", starts off mid-paced and melodic and then goes into another Marduk-esque blast, but again played with more melody and variation. The MCD is concluded with a cover of Infernal Majesty's "Night of the Living Dead". Since I haven't heard the original song I can't comment on it in that respect, but listening to it for what it is, it's a decent track, though distinctly un-Dawn-like. It would be almost impossible to top _NSGNFE_, and Dawn doesn't quite achieve this, but _SPSVF_ is still a very good album on it's own rights, and, for only $10 direct from Necropolis, you've got nothing to lose by buying it.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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