Autumn Clan - _Requiem to the Sun_
(W.A.B. Records, 2002)
by: Vincent Eldefors (8 out of 10)
It is not very often these days that I am impressed with anything in the gothic genre, whether it is rock, metal or darkwave we are talking about, but this is one of the very few releases this year that sounds fresh and interesting. Autumn Clan is a band from Austria that made its entrance into this world in 1997. Prior to signing with their native Wait and Bleed Records (a new label that is working very closely with Napalm Records) they have recorded two demos and played more than 50 live shows to get their name and music out in the open. Wait and Bleed focuses mainly on gothic and alternative rock, but this album is still very heavy at times and those riffs they churn out help maintain a steady flow throughout all fourteen tracks. Autumn Clan do however have all the trademarks of a gothic rock band -- passionate deep vocals, lyrics that are meant to move the listener and a very melancholic, gloomy atmosphere. Autumn Clan may sound like a band who is built on nothing but cliches and dull gray music, but that is far from the truth. Throughout this album they make the gothic rock scene seem alive and I do not for a second doubt that _Requiem to the Sun_ will find its way to the heart of many of you who like the newer work from the Swedish masters of doom, Katatonia. Autumn Clan may be newcomers to the scene but they seem like a very mature band and hopefully this will not be the last time we hear about them.


(article published 1/9/2002)

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