Rebellion - _Shakespeare's Macbeth: A Tragedy in Steel_
(Drakkar / XIII Bis, 2002)
by: David Rocher (1 out of 10)
Concept albums such as these can be a worthy way of paying humble tribute to the genius of a literary or philosophical milestone crafted in times past; however, the cheesy power metal dirge in which ex-Grave Digger axemen Uwe Luwis and Toni Gottlich have indulged with the assistance of Annihilator's Randy Black does little more than defile the memory of Shakespeare's ineffable tragedy. Loaded to the brim with bad power metal riffage, omnipresent double bass drumming and a tediously screeching vocalist "hail, hail, hail"-ing away at anything that moves or breathes, this musical rendition of the much-revered Scottish play is but a chunk of splendorous metallic cheesiness -- with a killer production, however, and a ludicrously comic booklet filled with heroic representations of gloriously top-heavy naiads and outrageously muscular warriors with flowing hair. Damned be I for first crying "Hold, enough!", but this outrageous release falls way beyond the limits of musical tolerance, and the only point it scores is for the pleasant way it has humoured me by giving me something to tear to pieces in a review.

(article published 3/7/2002)

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