Brutal Truth - _Kill, Trend, Suicide_
(Relapse, 1996)
by: Gino Filicetti (8 out of 10)
Although hardly EP length, this 35-minute opus from New York's influential grindcore/hardcore/punk/crust/death/speed metal freaks, Brutal Truth, is definitely an album to write home about. Contained herein are ten tracks of ferociousity and mayhem which have an urgent message to convey: Our World Bites the Big One. Some of the topics touched on by Brutal Truth this time around are social decline, scapegoat-ism, war, the great marijuana lie, religion, trends, and one track whose topic can not be expressed better than it is by the title, "Humanity's Folly". The music on this release is much more raw sounding than previous efforts, as if the band said, "Fuck the mix, let's just play." I think this captures the brutal essence of the band like never before. As always, the drumming can be described as controlled chaos thanks to skinsman Rich Hoak. The vocals on _Kill, Trend, Suicide_ are not as well-defined as they should be. I think they should have been much higher in the mix and perhaps worked on a little more; nothing will beat Kevin Sharp's vox on _Need to Control_. The ninth track, "I Killed My Family", is a cover of a YDI (why die) song from the early eighties; very descriptive and very sick lyrics to say the least. Seeing as this is an EP, it seems Brutal Truth are only teasing us and making us lust for what lies ahead on their next full-length. Only time will tell people, so be patient. I know I won't.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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