Thirteen - _Magnifico Nova_
(XIII Bis, 2002)
by: David Rocher (7 out of 10)
The brainchild of one lonesome Icelandic rocker, Hallur Ingolfsson, Thirteen is a strange project, as intriguing as it is difficult to fathom. Recorded at Rocklab studios and throughout "various junkyards, construction sites & metalworks in Reykjavik", the cryptic _Magnifico Nova_ actually only teeters on the brink of the metal world, sounding like an industrial-tinged, strangely deluded, cold Soundgarden or Pearl Jam-influenced collection of rock tracks. Although providing an accurate description and suitable references to _Magnifico Nova_ does seemingly fall beyond my reach, the brooding, surprisingly heavy and alluringly eccentric rock cleverly crafted by Ingolfsson provides a musical journey which is as soothing and accessible as it is intricate and captivating, given the right time and attention. Fundamentalists addicted to all-out musical brutality will find nothing here to whet their appetite, and can safely forego this release; however, the more tolerant of you who wish devote a bruised and bleeding ear to less aggressive, soothing tones resounding on the borderline of the metal confines should consider listening to this unexpected, strangely non-mainstream experience.

(article published 3/7/2002)

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