Runemagick - _Requiem of the Apocalypse_
(Aftermath Music, 2002)
by: Alvin Wee (8 out of 10)
Pretty much standard death metal fare, though quality is pretty much assured coming from Nicklas "Terror" Rudolfsson of Swordmaster fame. Typically dark and technical, with the requisite tinge of old-school Scandinavian genius (read: old Tiamat, Unleashed), Runemagick's fourth studio outing promises a solid and stylistically rich sojourn into the familiar realms of death and madness. The relatively measured pace allows more atmosphere and melody to seep through the mix compared to the uncontrolled havoc of Krisiun and the like, which makes for more engaging listening than the heap of faster-than-thou releases piling up these days. Suitably crunchy riffing accentuate the dark ambience on this disc with a hue of restrained aggression, while the twisted leads (like on "Funeral Caravan") occasionally blaze with a passion that's seldom encountered anywhere other than from the most accomplished "Gothenburg" bands. The enhanced CD offers up a handful of equally entertaining MP3s as a document of the band's miscellaneous antics, as well as pictures, screensavers and other computer paraphernalia, adding some magic to an already satisfying package. Ask for the limited digibook edition.


(article published 3/7/2002)

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