Brighter Death Now - _Innerwar_
(Release, 1996)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (9 out of 10)
Unfortunately, power electronics guru Roger Karmanik's 5th full-length album has disregarded many of the qualities that made previous works exceptional; namely, their melancholy and multi-dimensional horror. Instead, he decided to create the next best thing; sheer aural destruction, which is more in the vein of other Release "noise" bands, along with Karmanik's earliest creations under the Lille Roger moniker. In comparison to previous material, _Innerwar_ is 10 times as intense and painful; BDN are now capable of matching most Japanese noise bands in the category of nihilistic brutality. Karmanik has still managed to retain a suffocatingly dark ambience, largely due to his patented manipulation of rumbling bass drones and distorted, monster-like screams in the background, the latter being used to the greatest effect during the album's grand finale, while, at times, the bass and screams combined to violently shake the walls surrounding my stereo (although this is due to my obscenely cheap walls more than anything else). These factors help add some of his previous work's emotion to the mix; BDN is still capable of transcending the comparative stoicism of his many peers. Brighter Death Now has remained one of the more esoteric bands currently creating music; _Innerwar_ should literally terrify and overwhelm the typical "metalhead." BUT, Karmanik's latest exploration of the extreme music spectrum's further reaches will guarantee that those with a sense of experimentation will be greeted with one of the more blissful hells in existence.

(article published 11/10/1996)

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