Manowar - _Warriors of the World_
(Nuclear Blast, 2002)
by: Matthias Noll (3 out of 10)
Mullet-metal for people who confuse Pavarotti and friends with classical music, kitsch of the highest degree with epic songwriting and deepest emotions. Old glass-eye and his male pleasure slaves needed six years to pen two acceptable tunes -- congratulations! One of those, "Call to Arms", rips off "Blood of my Enemies", but can be considered good because of an ultimately catchy chorus. The same thing -- a brilliant, catchy chorus -- applies to the second noteworthy track, the anthemic "Warriors of the World United". The rest is either up-tempo material, once again ripping off their previous work, or shitloads of more-cheese-than-ever ballad/march/opera-for-mainstream-radio crap. Strangely enough, this record seems to be receiving praise almost everywhere. "Warrior metal" and "epic" is what I read -- holy shit! Listen to this alongside "Gates of Valhalla", "Strength of Steel", "Guyana", "Cult of the Damned" or "Bridge of Death" and have a laugh at the weakness and sweetness of these Kings of Metal. "Battle Hymn", one of the best metal tracks ever written, was metal meets Ennio Morricone; this is Julio Iglesias meets Spinal Tap.

(article published 3/7/2002)

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