Loits - _Ei Kahetse Midagi_
(Independent, 2001)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
In this digital age, demo tapes are becoming increasingly rare and demo CDs the norm. _Ei Kahetse Midagi_ ("No Regrets"), however, is an actual album that was sent to me in its tape version, which for the time being is the only one available -- Loits hope to have it released on CD in the future. Loits are from Estonia, but judging by their music you would have thought they were Norwegian: old Satyricon, Ulver and Darkthrone, among other Norwegian classics, play an influential role in their music. In two instances at least, this influence manifests itself a bit too obviously, as there is a couple of riffs strongly reminiscent of Satyricon's _Nemesis Divina_ and an atmospheric interlude that could very well have been on Ulver's _Bergtatt_. Nonetheless, Loits' guitar-driven black metal generally does not come across as a blatant copy of anything in particular, despite the fact that its origins are quite obvious. Contrary to what might be expected from such an underground release, the playing is quite tight and the production rather good, in spite of the analog media. _Ei Kahetse Midagi_ does have good atmospheric qualities and plenty of interesting musical passages, in addition to the competent production and playing, but it also tends to come across as somewhat simplistic during its mid-paced sections. It is still an underground release that black metal purists would be well advised to seek.

Contact: Lembetu, Sepa 11, 45201 Kadrina, Laane-Virumaa, Estonia

(article published 3/7/2002)

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