Corpus Mortale - _Succumb to the Superior_
(Independent, 2000)
by: David Rocher (7.5 out of 10)
Hailing from the same Danish town as extreme metal purveyors Mighty Music, the death metallers Corpus Mortale have been roaming the underground since the spring of 1993, their self-released _Succumb to the Superior_ being the sequel to their 1996 MCD _Integration_. Lurking somewhere between the blasting technical standards of American death metal and the heavier, more raucous tones of Scandinavian metal, _SttS_ features four tracks of powerful, catchy and competently interpreted death metal -- though be warned that nothing particularly unconventional appears in sight on this release; nowt in fact but streamlined efficiency and raging power galore, graced with a clear, crisp production. Probably more than a mere coincidence, Corpus Mortale's material does bear hues of Iniquity's catchy release _The Hidden Lore_, in the guise of the twisted riffing, powerful blasts and unrelenting intensity (hardly a surprise, since Corpus Mortale in fact features ex-Iniquity axeman Brian Eriksen on guitar and vocal duties); from grinding assaults to displays of utterly crushing heaviness, Corpus Mortale prove to be well and truly at ease with every vicious musical streak the death metal genre. If the cantankerous reviewer in me ultimately were to begrudge Corpus Mortale for anything, I would say that their material still requires to develop further power and personality for them to stand out amidst the hopelessly overcrowded death metal scene. _Succumb to the Superior_ nonetheless remains an undisputably commendable effort, available for a measly 5 USD (plus 2 USD for P&P) at the address below -- a worthy opportunity to do something for the real death metal underground out there.

Contact: Corpus Mortale, c/o Nicholas Mascholn,

(article published 3/7/2002)

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