Construcdead - _Repent_
(Cold Records, 2002)
by: Vincent Eldefors (7.5 out of 10)
Most fans of extreme metal know bands like Darkane, Soilwork, The Forsaken, The Defaced, The Haunted and others who have been popping out of the Swedish scene for the past five or so years, mixing the speed of thrash metal with the technicality and brutality of death metal. These bands are often recognizable by strong growled vocals that sound clean in a very weird way and musicianship of a very high level. One of the newest bands to be added to this list is Construcdead, who hail from the Swedish capital, Stockholm. These guys are not new to the metal scene, though, and here we can find Erik Thyselius from Terror 2000 -- a band that also features Darkane's Klas Ideberg. If I were to say that Construcdead is a groundbreaking band I would not be telling you the truth, but if you like some of the bands I mentioned in the beginning of this review, then you will certainly want to check out this release as well. The album is being released on a newly formed independent Swedish label called Cold Records, but the production is of a very high quality and this album could easily have been released by a label like Nuclear Blast or Massacre Records. The Swedish metal scene is growing day by day, and this is certainly not the last we will see or hear from Construcdead. It is not a coincidence that Soilwork chose to take them along on their Japanese tour. Just listen to the track "I've Come to Rule" and you will understand why this band will be part of the Swedish elite for a long time to come. Except for the foolish name, this is a great band.


(article published 3/7/2002)

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