Green Carnation - _Light of Day, Day of Darkness_
(Prophecy / The End, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
Fervency slaloms through Green Carnation as the Nile navigates near Burundi, its canopied source. Richly laden tracks filled with emotion bury the listener under feelings of cavernous despondency, but simultaneously addictive, hard-fought passages beg insatiable satisfaction. Perfectly layered, ex-Emperor bassist (post Mortiis), Tchort, and Carpathian Forest / In the Woods... drummer, Anders Kobro, realize virtue in their playing by way of an exhaustively dense sound taking the form of _Light of Day, Day of Darkness_. Nearly limitless tracks and samples comprise this solitary release to achieve the goal of luxuriant density so lavished throughout this effort it burdens the heart. It is nearly impossible to not get lost within the ingenuity of this offering. Clean vocals purify the sound and arresting movements in Green Carnation's music is almost extrasensory. I've never uttered the phrase "stunning metaphysical" before, but this band of darkly aristocratic metal musicians would bend even the most enlightened Borknagar song in half when faced with Green Carnation's quiescent power. Oh... did I mention that this entire CD is one track totaling an hour plus? _Light of Day, Day of Darkness_ is a vision of excellency and a total conceptual odyssey of the likes I have never bore witness!

[Pedro Azevedo: "Ambitious this record certainly is, but it suffers from two problems. First, the lack of a consistently good atmosphere, which derives from the attempt to create a wide spectrum of moods throughout the disc. And second, the presence of a few rather pedestrian riffs and weaker passages in this hour-long composition does not help the overall listenability of the album -- which is lower than that of, say, Edge of Sanity's _Crimson_. The album is lavishly produced and performed, and clearly a vast amount of work went into planning and creating it. There is plenty of quality material here -- some of it is indeed excellent -- and it is a considerable improvement on the band's debut [CoC #52]. However, its listenability and consistency would have greatly benefited from a fair bit of trimming."]

(article published 12/4/2002)

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