Skullview - _Consequences of Failure_
(R.I.P. Records, 2001)
by: Quentin Kalis (4.5 out of 10)
I'm far from being considered the world's biggest lover of traditional metal, but I fail to see how this album could appeal to even the most die-hard fans of this genre. Overuse of high pitched screams combined with a vocalist who is trying his best to sound like Rob Halford does not a good album make. The most enjoyable song is "The Archmage", the slow song pace of which prevents the use of inane ear-piercing vocals. At less than two and a half minutes long, it is the shortest song on the album. Guess that's how long the vocalist could contain himself before bursting into falsetto. "Leviticas" isn't too bad either, featuring a cool bass interlude despite the Halfordisms. "Armed With an Axe", on the other hand, is unintentionally hilarious. You can get away with dumb lyrics such as "Armed with an axe / An axe! / An axe! / An axe!" in death metal, but not in this genre where the lyrics are enunciated pretty clearly. Song titles such as "The Archmage" and "Wrath of the Sorcerer" suggest a preoccupation with the typical, yet inexplicable power/true metal fascination with fantastical, Tolkien-esque topics. (Oh wait, there is a song called "Digital Bitch"; maybe the advances of the past fifteen years haven't entirely evaded them.) Creative talents were not overstretched during the construction of this album. Will the real Judas Priest please stand up?

Contact: R.I.P. Records, PO Box 41182, Chicago Il. 60641, USA

(article published 12/4/2002)

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