Night in Gales - _Necrodynamic_
(Massacre, 2002)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
I'm a little on the fence with this new album. This is a much different album than the German band's last offering, the criminally underrated _Nailwork_ (2000) and even further from the heavy drive of _Thunderbeast_ (1998), but things go on for Night in Gales and they still have some pretty decent ideas up their sleeves to make _Necrodynamic_ an interesting spin. Whether it be the hyper-kinetic groove of "Doomdrugged" or the rampant wild-side of songs like "Blackelectric" and "Song of Something", the band makes an effort to bring melody into the death metal equation -- maybe a tad too much at times. I like singer Bjorn Goosses vocals, but it sounds a little forced to work alongside the thrusting drive of the album's material. Musically, the band has evolved since the earlier days, taking on more of a The Haunted / Witchery type speed angle, kind of recklessly turning up the amps and cranking out whatever they can play faster. I like the new disc quite a bit, but I miss the melodic death metal flow (a la In Flames / Dark Tranquillity) of their previous stuff. I'll accept the change for now, but I won't be toe tapping to everything on _Necrodynamic_. Some of it, well, irritates me.

(article published 12/4/2002)

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