Necrodeath - _Black as Pitch_
(Scarlet / The End, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
After only the second time these Italian deviants' new effort spun in my CD player, I was a fan. Thanks to The End Records, I was able to finally enjoy this powerhouse's infinite rhythmic brutality. Maybe it was Necrodeath having again recorded at the Underground Studios in Sweden, or maybe it was their use of producer Pelle Saether (Carnal Forge, Terror 2000) -- and then again it could be a masterful stroke of brilliance upon the heels of the decade of anticipation before _Mater of All Evil_, but whatever the contrivance this band employs... it WORKS! Catchy riffs and unabashed potency flow from this band like Niagara Falls in the rainy season. If it takes four albums to create an effort like this, I might just as well begin listening to bands after their junior offering -- _Black as Pitch_ is that wicked fuckin' severe. If eleven tracks of all out groove-laden metal potency don't have you thrashing your skull, you're dead -- believe me, I mean stone cold fuckin' dead! I refuse to dissect a piece as flawless as _Black as Pitch_ any further for fear my critic's insecurities will force me to uncover a nonexistent flaw. _Black as Pitch_ is not a recommendation -- it is a requirement!

[Alvin Wee: "Nothing less than what I expected from these Italian legends. Their brand of controlled mayhem blows away the bunch of new pretenders like Krisiun any day. Old-school to the core and full of neck-damaging thrashiness, but with all the updated brutality needed to make an impact in today's flooded scene. One of the most astounding releases of 2001 for sure."]

(article published 12/4/2002)

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