Naglfar - _Ex Inferis_
(Century Media, 2001)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
_Ex Inferis_ is a collection of the old and the new: two new songs, a cover of Massacre's "Dawn of Eternity" and two songs from the _When Autumn Storms Come_ 7". Considering the above, along with the fact that their last full-length _Diabolical_ [CoC #35] was released in 1998, this is obviously a stop-gap EP to keep the fans' interest alive. Unlike many other EPs released for the same purpose, this CD is actually interesting and holds your attention. Naglfar display some unexpected restraint on their second new song, "Emerging From Her Weepings", introducing a piano interlude midway through the song. Otherwise you are not allowed to breathe for even a minute. Fast, furious and aggressive, the CD opens with "Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft" -- everything you would expect from Naglfar. This is followed by the Massacre cover: an alright song but not as good as their original material. Still, it does have its function in that it serves to highlight the strength of their own original work. As a rule I am ambivalent towards EPs: while they may and frequently do contain some good songs, all too often they are merely a money making exercise. So even though I have enjoyed this EP and the music is definitely above average, I still have my doubts about whether it would be a worthwhile purchase. As with any CD, but especially with this one, I'd suggest listening before buying.

(article published 12/4/2002)

2/4/2007 K Sarampalis 8 Naglfar - Harvest
5/31/2005 J Smit 7 Naglfar - Pariah
5/11/2003 P Azevedo 9 Naglfar - Sheol
11/19/1998 P Schwarz 8.5 Naglfar - Diabolical
6/9/1996 B Meloon 7 Naglfar - Vittra
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