Entwine - _Gone_
(Century Media, 2001)
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 10)
Entwine initially began life as a death metal band before switching to the relatively more sedate and contemplative style of gothic metal, claiming that death metal was simply too boring. If their debut release is anything like this, their sophomore release, then perhaps they should have stuck with death metal. Who knows, it might just have been less boring. The singer is undoubtedly trying to sound all weepy and emotional, yet comes across as sounding quite insubstantial. Plus his slightly nasal vocals get irritating after a few songs. The musicianship is adequate, if somewhat lacking in songwriting skills. I can safely say, without any reservations whatsoever, that this is the most banal, mediocre gothic metal release I have ever heard. And I have heard my fair share. All the songs follow the same pattern: intro, soft part, heavy part, chorus, soft, heavy part, alternate heavy and soft parts till end. Then repeated again in the next song. Variety would not go unappreciated. The use of such formulaic pop-songwriting may help to explain why the single "New Dawn" managed to make into the Top 10 in the Finnish charts -- I guess the Finns have the same bad taste as just about every other country in the world. Recommended for anyone who finds Britney Spears' or Backstreet Boys' songwriting techniques combined with gothic metal elements intriguing or entertaining.

(article published 12/4/2002)

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