Dew-Scented - _Inwards_
(Nuclear Blast, 2002)
by: David Rocher (9.5 out of 10)
Although it can most likely be stated that Dew-Scented's latest releases to date, _Ill-Natured_ and _Innoscent_, were decent, efficient, yet ultimately dispensable recordings, this German quartet's anno 2002 milestone is guaranteed to have hairy heads-a-banging in many an abode throughout this year. Truthfully, _Inwards_ is one hammer of a recording, a blasting, razor-sharp thrashing death metal session which mercilessly tramples all over most present-day "thrashing" releases just like they didn't matter. Germany's unsuspected yet unambiguous reply to the godly At the Gates monument _Slaughter of the Soul_, _Inwards_ simply oozes and writhes with murderous power and precision -- the ruthless fusion of an uncontested _Pleasure to Kill_ with all the coolness and undisputed aggression of Jensen/Bjorler trademark "riff a la tractor-pulling", mercilessly distilled by sole axeman Professor Riffmeister Floryan Mueller. From the first seconds of the staccato-laden opener "Bitter Conflict" to the final echoes of the blasting closing number "Reprisal", the thrashing rhythmical trinity (rounded off by skinsman supreme Uwe Werning and surgical bassist Patrick Heims) within Dew-Scented deliver a "Mutterload" of nuclear riffs and blasts, surgically winding leads and raging rhythmic onslaughts. Vocalist Leffe Jensen superbly caps this merciless offensive of sheer technical rabidity with his throaty, powerful vocals, making this thrashing death metal gem a true lesson in the art of incisive musical potency. A sterling production crafted by Holy Moses axeman Andy Classen -- who knows, if anyone ever will, how to spawn a brutally heavy thrash sound -- deals the final lick of aural violence to this exceptional release; short and sharp -- if the once glorious German thrash scene ever needed fresh blood in which to seal its future, Dew-Scented have all the haemoglobin and guts to secure it. Undoubtedly one of 2002's top five releases, no matter what.

(article published 12/4/2002)

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