Deicide - _In Torment, in Hell_
(Roadrunner, 2001)
by: Matthias Noll (6 out of 10)
In CoC #50 I came to the conclusion that Deicide's last record _Insineratehymn_ was "one of the most boring records I heard in the last ten years". In the twelve months since then, nothing happened that changed my opinion about this album. Never did I foresee that my jaw was about to drop when I put on evil Glen's last output for Roadrunner, _In Torment, in Hell_. I was indeed encountering an exciting, grooving riff! With expectations as low as mine, Deicide probably didn't have that much to achieve to make me give slightly more praise this time, but in all honesty, a good portion of _ITiH_ -is- okay. The -- by Deicide standards -- uncommonly short pregnancy period to deliver another meagre 30 minutes of material seems to have had some positive effect on the results. _In Torment, in Hell_ sounds a bit rawer than its predecessor, avoids some of the slow, plodding monotony, and the majority of tracks manage to hold my attention, something which could not be said about _Insineratehymn_. Stylistically this is in between the debut and the dumbed down approach of _Serpents of the Light_, while neither being in-your-face like _Deicide_ nor as straightforward and catchy as _SotL_. Unfortunately, with the exception of stating that this sounds clearly like Deicide and that Benton's vocals have never been deeper, there is nothing really remarkable about _ITiH_. Overall, this CD is miles away from being a top death metal record and I'd like to advise everybody who does feel tempted to buy it just because it's the new Deicide (who were so shockingly controversial and brutal many years ago) to check out _Necrodaemon Terrorsathan_ by Belphegor or Aborted's _Engineering the Dead_ instead. You'll buy far more convincing records with -- to my ears -- enough good Deicide in them to help you live without _ITiH_.

(article published 12/4/2002)

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