Gorelord - _Force Fed on Human Flesh_
(Baphomet/Relapse, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
One of the first releases on Baphomet/Housecore (label run by Pantera's Philip Anselmo and Necrophagia's Killjoy and distributed through Relapse Records) is the ultra-sick 'n' twisted album _Force Fed on Human Flesh_ by Gorelord. Soaking itself up in horror-filled themes and dirty metal riffs, Gorelord pounce on the listener with its abrasive onslaught and wickedly creepy soundclips. With a crisp production and an vibrant attitude to back it up, Gorelord makes an impact with songs (destined to be classics) like "Crushed Skull on Christian Shoulders", "Alive When Fucking the Dead" and "Chainsaw Ripping Skin". While veteran Relapse act Mortician may be somewhat stagnant with their horror-themed musical masterpieces of late, it is good to see a band like Gorelord kicking the shit out of us in such a maniacal frenzy. Note: this album comes with a 18+ warning sticker that says this album may be "too intense for some listeners". Good! Let Gorelord scare off the pansies and keep making uncut, brutal music for us die-hard metal music sickos.

(article published 14/1/2002)

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