Destinity - _Supreme Domination's Art_
(Psychic Scream, 2001)
by: David Rocher (2 out of 10)
There are no words more fitting than "atrocious" or "pathetic" to characterise Destinity's second release. This French sextet, signed to Malaysian label Psychic Scream, are a massively superfluous poor man's Cradle of Filth -- maybe a tad more death metal than CoF, but, over and all, undoubtedly a lot worse than their British mentors. Despite the presence of at least one technically proficient guitarist and a competent drummer in their ranks, Destinity can hardly claim to do anything else but hopelessly drown in a grimy sea of pseudo-symphonic black metal molasses, plagued as they are with a vocalist who sounds just too much like Dani Filth for _Supreme Domination's Art_ (more Dimmu Borgir song titles, anyone?) to awaken anything else but nervous laughter whenever I try to listen to it. And believe me, I've tried, many a time. And hence, have spent quite a lot of time laughing nervously.

(article published 14/1/2002)

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