Crypt of Kerberos - _World of Myths_
(Adipocere, 1993)
by: Brian Meloon (7 out of 10)
This is a nice disc of melodic death metal. It's well produced and features some good musicianship, especially from the two guitar players. They both do some fast and intricate work, and work well together. Like Crematory, this band also features a female keyboard player (Jessica), although her skills are not as developed as Katrin's are. The keys here are used more for 'atmosphere' than to carry melodies. A little more integration of keyboards would be nice. The vocals could also use a little work ... they're about halfway between standard death vocals and Chris Barnes' style. They aren't terrible, but not terribly original, either. The songwriting is very good, though. These guys really know how to put together a song, and make it progress in ways other than standard song format. I look forward to this band's next release; with a little maturity, they could be quite good.

(article published 2/9/1995)

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