Deeds of Flesh - _Mark of the Legion_
(Unique Leader, 2001)
by: Brian Meloon (7 out of 10)
This is the fourth full-length offering from Californian death/grinders Deeds of Flesh. Ultimately, there's not much for me to say about this album. If you've heard one of their previous efforts, then you know exactly what to expect from _Mark of the Legion_: brutal, unrelenting death/grind with growled vocals and tight, technical playing. Their riffs are very syncopative and percussive, relying almost completely on rhythm. There are no atmospheric sections, no female vocals, no acoustic guitars, very little melody, and unfortunately, very little to differentiate the songs from each other. And that's a shame, because otherwise, this is a good album: the production is good, the playing is excellent, the packaging is good, but the songs so completely lack memorability that there's nothing that keeps it in your head after the last song is done. Fans of the band will probably enjoy the album, but it seems I'm burned out on the style.

(article published 14/1/2002)

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