Centurian - _Liber ZarZax_
(Listenable Records, 2001)
by: David Rocher (9 out of 10)
Now that the ungodly David Vincent's departure, associated to creative stagnancy and video game-induced close-mindedness have propelled the once glorious Morbid Angel into the sullen realms of dispensable death metal, the joust occurring around the accession to the much-sought Kings of (Death) Metal throne is subject to the daily onslaughts of a massively plethoric troop of hairy, satanic, growling, grinding, blasting contenders -- so far, however, to not much avail. In the very, very black guise of one of the more lethally convincing thanes to this throne come Dutch deathsters Centurian. One MCD (_Of Purest Fire_) and one album (_Choronzonic Chaos Gods_) into their career, Centurian had already shown to many a soul that their technical, blasting death metal was an unhallowed force to be reckoned with. _Liber ZarZax_ pretty much picks up where Centurian's unholy and worryingly brutal _CCG_ left off -- this new release is a blasting, searing eleven-track death metal mauling session that will leave you with blood seeping from your ears and eyes, gasping for a mere breath of burning air, which only comes in the guise of the choking, dark instrumental track "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex". The Dutch deathsters' metal attains insane levels of complexity, as Rob Oorthuis and Oskar van Paradijs' intricate light-speed guitar lines intermingle with Wim van der Valk's deliriously aggressive rhythmic blasts and time shifts. Jerry Brouwer's roaring vocals and growling bass lines efficiently reinforce this monstrosity's assaults. _Liber ZarZax_ is one of the most utterly intense, devastating chunks of death metal I've beheld since Nile's _Black Seeds of Vengeance_ [CoC #50], and is beyond all doubt one of the largest, rustiest nails to have been hammered into the Nazarene's wrists... ever!

[Paul Schwarz: "From a purely musical perspective, Centurian hardly define themselves as apart from their influences, but yet something about them keeps making me come back for more. Maybe _LZZ_'s intense, deftly executed death metal acts like a placebo on me, Covenant_ and _Retribution_-imprinted as I am; maybe the feeling of pure conviction that Centurian's music emanates is enough to define their individuality. I favour the former explanation, but that isn't stopping me from, at present, thoroughly enjoying _LZZ_."]

(article published 14/1/2002)

1/15/2000 A McKay 8.5 Centurian - Chornzonic Chaos Gods
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