Brainstorm - _Metus Mortis_
(Metal Blade, 2001)
by: Vincent Eldefors (8 out of 10)
Usually me and power metal aren't the best of friends, but I have to admit that when it is well done this subgenre is one of the most powerful around. Brainstorm is perhaps not the best German power metal band at the moment, but I was very impressed when listening to their latest release _Metus Mortis_, which displays a very talented metal vocalist, backed up by some great riffs and plenty of nice melodies. Vocalist Andy B. Franck is new to the band and was formerly a member of another German metal band, Symphorce, which some of you probably know already. Brainstorm is not a new band either -- they have been in existence since 1989 --, but it wasn't until now that they were able to impress me with any of their music. The music is close to the heavier American power metal sound with lots of traditional heavy metal riffs. They actually sound a little like Grave Digger minus the rough vocals and with more varied songs. There are a few minor production flaws, but overall this album is one of the best power metal releases in a while. The choruses on the first couple of tracks are simply amazing and this album should be appreciated by everyone with a love for power metal or old traditional heavy metal.

(article published 14/1/2002)

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