Bathory - _Destroyer of Worlds_
(Black Mark, 2001)
by: Vincent Eldefors (7.5 out of 10)
Bathory have once again launched a new attack on the world, to the great joy of many loyal fans all over the worlds (how can I be sure there is only one?). This review is for those of you who won't go out and buy this album just because it is a new Bathory release. The legends behind this band are many, but Quorthon (the man behind the music) is nowadays very eager to kill all myths and weird stories about Bathory. One of the true stories is that very few people know the real identity of Quorthon, and this is a secret he won't willingly give away. Another one is that the band once featured the now famous video director Jonas Akerlund (Metallica, Madonna, a.o.) on drums. Bathory has now been a one-man band for a very long time and Quorthon is solely responsible for music, lyrics and most instruments, even though some of his friends help out when it is time to record. Although he was one of the creators of modern black metal in the '80s together with Venom, the music he is now making is not as black as before. However, there is still this cozy Bathory feeling on every song on this album, with acoustic guitars, hypnotizing rhythms and a somewhat fuzzy sound. I am not very fond of Quorthon's vocals, though, since he doesn't really have the voice for it, but he is still doing the best he can. Tracks like "Destroyer of Worlds" and "Ode" make it clear that Bathory is still a band to rely on and fans of the band will not be disappointed. If you are not a Bathory fan, you may still want to check this album out, since they are now more atmospheric than black metal. _Destroyer of Worlds_ is a new solid release from Quorthon's brainchild, but unfortunately it can't compete with some of his previous works.


(article published 14/1/2002)

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