Abaddon Incarnate - _Nadir_
(Sentinel, 2001)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Irish death/grindsters Abaddon Incarnate recruited Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk to handle production duties for _Nadir_, and he seems to have been able to achieve the sound they needed to unleash their aggression. This is one brutal, harsh, powerful piece of death/grind we have here, and one that is also uncannily long at 43 minutes (24 tracks). While that length may work against Abaddon Incarnate to some extent due to the record becoming a tad tiresome, it is not something I am going to criticize, since it is not reached through any filler tracks or clearly redundant material. Rather, Abaddon Incarnate's thundering attack is usually quite reasonably varied, considering the league they play in; add to that the fact that they can create some considerably effective riffs and rhythms and deliver it all in a very competent package, and _Nadir_ becomes a highly interesting addition to any death/grind aficionado's collection. Furthermore, interesting lyrics and stylish imagery complement the music. With tracks as crushing and enjoyable as "They Use Dark Forces", "Aeons of Our Dying" and "Traumatic Stress Solution", Abaddon Incarnate cannot be denied the praise they deserve for having created something not only very competent but also interesting in such a saturated genre.

Contact: http://www.sentinelireland.com

(article published 14/1/2002)

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