Brick Bath - _I Won't Live the Lie_
(Independent, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 10)
In their bio, California metal quartet Brick Bath likens their sound to a "combination of Pantera and Testament on steroids". As far as accurate descriptions go, Brick Bath pretty much hits the nail on the head. Fans of Pantera and the aggressive hard rock movement will no doubt be pumping their fists as _I Won't Live the Lie_ rages on. While there are a good variety of heavy and ambitious songs on this record, most notably "Sick of You", the powerful "So Wrong" or "Erased", I couldn't help but feel a little upset about just how much they sound like Pantera. From the vicious bass lines and drumming styles to the screeching guitar riffs and heavy-set vocals, Brick Bath could pass as a Pantera cover band. I kid you not. In all, this is good, heavy music to play loud, but if you metalheads are looking for something original sounding, Brick Bath can only offer up second rate Pantera to digest. If you're craving anything more than that, then you need to look elsewhere.

Contact: J.W.M. Productions, 610 Country Club Lane, Suite 90,

(article published 19/10/2001)

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