Keelhaul - _II_
(HydraHead, 2001)
by: Paul Schwarz (10 out of 10)
A classic one-of-a-kind, _II_ is an album into which Keelhaul have poured so much of themselves that the result could not quite have been achieved by any other group individuals: _II_ seems to me to be a very pure expression of the musical feelings of the four men who make up Keelhaul. On the other hand, _II_ seems to me to be a record that is deeply relevant to the "noisecore underground" -- disparate as their links between each other in many cases are, the various groups of people operating on similar musical wavelengths do merit a collective classification. _II_ is proof that placing boundaries on the exploration of the basic instruments of rock is a foolish thing to do. Keelhaul demonstrate what brilliance can come from simply letting yourself play and seeing what the result is later; it works because Keelhaul are such incredible but free musicians, with according "musical minds". Impossible to describe in words and do it anything like justice, _II_ rocks around the atomic clock with unsurpassed style and brilliance.

(article published 12/8/2001)

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