Thornspawn - _Empress From the Realms of Blasphemy_
(Baphomet, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (7 out of 10)
Never an opportunity lost for this damn impressive embodiment of horror to mystify their audience with black metal of the most uncompromising sort. Back in CoC #48 last year, I was floored by _Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel_'s unreal fervency, but this Texas four-piece has upped the ante for certain here on this MCD, _Empress From the Realms of Blasphemy_. Only three new tracks were added to the release I have: "Master of Blood Fury", "Everlasting Siege of the Necro-Soldiers" and, of course, "Empress From the Realms of Blasphemy". Without so much as a second thought, I would declare "Everlasting Siege of the Necro-Soldiers" the best new cut on the album. I believe it embodies the direction Thornspawn would be wise to move in: brutal, but uniquely obscure as the eviscerated passages scrimp across occasionally among the wild debauchery. See the review of _Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel_ in CoC #48 for more insight into this band, but let it be known these additional three tracks are more than a welcome addition to Thornspawn's repertoire.

(article published 13/5/2001)

9/1/2002 P Schwarz 2 Thornspawn - Wrath of War
8/12/2000 A McKay 8 Thornspawn - Blood of the Holy, Taint thy Steel
9/1/1998 P Schwarz 2 Thornspawn - Consecration of Evil Flesh
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