Blood Duster - _Yeest_
(Relapse, 1996)
by: Gino Filicetti (9 out of 10)
Heavy has been redefined my friends, thanks to our Aussie friends from Blood Duster. All it takes is the first few seconds of this CD to realize that Blood Duster's sound is not only original, but some of the most killer grind to ever grace these ears. Citing their influences as early Carcass and early Napalm, all the way to Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynyrd! There are 32 tracks on this CD, 13 of which you can consider real songs complete with lyrics et al. The themes described in these lyrics are of the utmost obscenity and offensiveness, such as necrophilia in "Vulgar Taste (Of Rotten Cunt)" and "Mortician," schizophrenic American serial killers in "Kill, Kill, Kill," brutal sadism in "Sadomasifuck" and the horrors of defecation in "Anal Feast." Hailing from Austrailia, Blood Duster gained notoriety in their homeland after opening on Carcass' Austrailian tour and playing with Brutal Truth the next year. This CD is actually a compliation of their two, Austrailia only releases, _Fisting The Dead_ and _Yeest_. Check this one out people, because the band truly lives up to its classification as Psychorockmenstrualgrindporn.

(article published 12/8/1996)

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7/3/2002 Q Kalis 5 Blood Duster - Cunt
1/10/2001 A Bromley 9 Blood Duster - Cunt
4/13/1998 A Wasylyk 3 Blood Duster - Str8 Outta Northcote
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