Funker Vogt - _t_
(Metropolis, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (5 out of 10)
Heavily rhythmic, dance-infused electro industrial power is a good description of Funker Vogt, but especially as that statement relates to their newest offering, _t_. I would strongly encourage reading my review of _Maschine Zeit_ in Chronicles of Chaos #49. Much of what I imparted to you, the CoC reader, in that review still holds true for this Funker Vogt offering. Charged electronics disclose the stripped-down, back-to-the-basics effort this band is know for can be found all through this double disc, fourteen track escapade. Some claim they bear witness to KMFDM influences in FV's material -- I do not. Funker Vogt, in my opinion, maintains their own identity, though a strong argument could possibly be made to the contrary. The reason for my uncharacteristically low tally for this usually superior band is the lack of any standouts on this release. I can find no track to point out to you as if to say, "listen to this cut -- it is -really- great". A fine band, but I would rather have -one- CD from _Maschine Zeit_ than -two- from _t_.

(article published 13/5/2001)

10/25/2000 A McKay 7.5 Funker Vogt - Maschine Zeit
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