Demence - _Goutte a Goutte_
(Neoblast/Warfare, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (7.5 out of 10)
The last thing that I had heard from Montreal death metal / gore act Demence was 1996's _Total Demembrement_ CD and that was a long time ago. Just where would the band's sound be in 2001? Would they still sing in French only? Would they still sing about the evils that men do? In short: could they deliver the goods? After a few spins, I think it is safe to say that Demence have managed to stay focused and not lose their touch over the years. _Goutte a Goutte_ is a punishing and brutal assortment of tight death metal numbers that shape themselves around heavy grooves, technical guitar playing and sadistic vocal growls. The one thing I like about Demence is the kind of dark humour they bring to death metal. You can see it in their artwork and I am sure the lyrics are laced with witty humour (I can't read/write French). Best tracks here: "Vilaine Locuste", "Cervivore" and the title track. Fans of other Quebec acts like Cryptopsy, Quo Vadis and Ghoulunatics will want to find out just what Demence is about.

Contact: Demence, 5840 St-Andre Montreal, Quebec H2S 2K4, Canada

(article published 13/5/2001)

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