Soul Erosion - _Furious Mind Degeneration_
(Shock Wave Records, 2001)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
Brutal death metal with a technical edge is what Soul Erosion offer with this debut MCD. Allegedly influenced by styles ranging from metal to jazz and classical, this French band has made an enjoyable, though somewhat derivative, debut with _Furious Mind Degeneration_. Looking at the very typically '90s death metal band photo, one can identify the logos of bands such as Morbid Angel, Deicide and Death depicted in the textiles, whilst the cover art is also typically '90s death metal. Fortunately, Soul Erosion don't turn out to sound quite as predictable as these visual elements might indicate, even if they're hardly remarkable for their originality. In addition, they deliver their material with a considerable degree of conviction and tightness, and the music is also unhindered by the competent production. A very decent debut MCD from a band who still have a long way to go before really becoming remarkable, but also seem like they might have the potential to do so.

(article published 13/3/2001)

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