Sepultura - _Nation_
(Roadrunner, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (9.5 out of 10)
I applaud the new Sepultura disc for not only overflowing with brutality and intelligence, but also for managing to add another level of creativity to the band's fold. With a diverse discography as Sepultura has, it is great to see _Nation_ bringing out yet another era of Sepultura unlike their past work. Back for his second outing with Sepultura, singer Derrick Green shines on this, the band's 9th(!) recording. Whether he's screaming his head off on opener "Sepulnation", "The Ways of Faith" or the brilliantly executed "Uma Cora", or subduing us with his vocal range on "One Man Army", Green brings a lot of range to Sepultura. Matched with the rhythm section of drummer Igor Cavalera / bassist Paulo Pinto and the ever-resourceful guitar work of guitarist Andreas Kisser, Sepultura returns to the scene with a much better disc than their last offering _Against_ (1998). It isn't better per se (I loved _Against_), just a lot more focused and much, much more intense. This record is really emotional and really focuses on educating the listener. Check out some great guest stars on the disc as well, most notably Jello Biafra (the weird "Politricks"), Hatebreed's singer Jamey Jasta ("Human Cause") and Dub-Reggae star Dr. Israel (the cool track "Tribe to a Nation"). On a closing note, I must comment: isn't it funny that both Soulfly and Sepultura's (with Green) debuts were good, but their sophomore efforts just hit the target dead on? It just goes to show that bands can break apart and good things can come out of it. _Nation_ is definitely worth traveling to.

(article published 13/3/2001)

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