Darkthrone - _Prepare for War_
(Peaceville, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
Together with part one of the My Dying Bride collection [also reviewed in this issue], this Darkthrone compilation opens a series of "best of" albums from Peaceville that will also feature bands such as Anathema, At the Gates and Autopsy. For the time being, admirers of this grimly influential Norwegian ensemble are given the opportunity to read a Darkthrone biography of sorts written by Fenriz himself whilst indulging in early Darkthrone material (1988/89) taken from two demo tapes and a live concert. Besides these four tracks, the rest of _Prepare for War_ consists of two death metal tracks from _Soulside Journey_, a couple others from the distinctly black landmark _A Blaze in the Northern Sky_, two more from _Under a Funeral Moon_ and three from what is perhaps their most famous release, _Transilvanian Hunger_ (with whose inspiring title track opener this compilation starts). Darkthrone's latest album, _Ravishing Grimness_, is not represented as it was not released through Peaceville. The material on _Prepare for War_ is quite varied, reflecting the band's progression throughout the years, and although the multitude of different production options tends to detract from the overall flow of the compilation, that was hardly avoidable anyway. A very well balanced compilation indeed, featuring both a selection of the band's classic material and also rare demo and live tracks -- very interesting both for collectors who already know all about Darkthrone and for those who want to know more about this legendary band.

(article published 10/1/2001)

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