Galloping Coroners - _Dancing With the Sun_
(Neurot Recordings, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 10)
Admittedly, the idea of an album themed around the worshipping of the Sun and the celebrating of its brightness and warmth is hardly enticing for me in any way, and that appears to be what this is. Yet I cast those thoughts aside as I played this Hungarian band's live recording for the first time. However, they wouldn't let me forget about the album's theme: their heavily psychedelic/folk-drenched material tends to often sound like it would make much more sense if you were out in the street, dancing and celebrating beneath the sunshine. This isn't the case throughout all of the album -- it is varied enough to avoid that --, but the rather over-the-top vocals (sung in their native language) and the band's tendency to indulge in long passages that don't seem to really go anywhere particularly interesting can be found in most of the record. Their use of numerous folk-related instruments does inject some more variety into the music, but things tend to become quite tiresome somewhere along the record's massive duration. Ultimately, it's not a matter of whether the album is about dancing with the sun or howling at the moon -- the band just didn't manage to get me interested.

(article published 20/11/2000)

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